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WATSON is a weekly web-comic that updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It features a cast of elementary-school children and the ever-watchful dog, Watson, who is the quiet center of their spiritual universe.

castWatson is unique in that it is conceived and drawn as a One-Panel Narrative: a comic strip of only one frame that uses reoccurring characters and themes to create a familiar world of engaging, singular moments. As a comic strip, Watson deals with the subtleties of experience; the moments of doubt, realization, oddity, forgiveness, and love that people experience on a daily basis. While paying homage to traditional “print strips” in newspapers, Watson is something very new: It’s an online strip that celebrates the History of Comics with a renewed spirit of hope, joy, and whimsy. Watson is big and bright, colorful, and fun. – It’s “old school” in its best “new school” format.

For Comic Strip Lovers!

WATSON is ABSOLUTELY a comic strip for comic strip lovers! While some of Watson’s strips are sentimental and sweet, others are goofy and bizarre, and having characters appear from other comic strips is definitely the norm. In addition to having comic strip cameos, Watson frequently modifies its look to celebrate the artistry of other comics. More than just a comic strip of ideas, Watson is a visual celebration of the past and future of comic strips.

All About The Artist

Jim Horwitz is a long-time cartoonist who has been drawing comics for over 25 years. In addition to cartooning, Jim has created work for radio, TV, theater, and film, and was a headline writer for the satirical newspaper The Onion. He is an outspoken advocate for comic strips in the Digital Age, and openly supports new models of creation, growth, and distribution that will keep Comics a vibrant and meaningful art form for generations to come.


WATSON runs solely on the financial support generated through merchandise, donations, and the individual support of its amazing readers. If you would like to support WATSON and the ongoing creation of independent comic strips and their mission, please consider supporting the strip with your readership and good cheer.


Would you like Jim to come speak at your Fine Arts/Comic event, draw a custom Watson comic strip, or consult with you about web-comics? Then don’t hesitate to contact him using THIS THING HERE.